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Ayana Technical Services

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About Ayana

Ayana Technical Services provides technology consulting for a wide spectrum of businesses and corporations.  We help organizations with planning and implementing technology across a vast array of needs including, but not limited too; hardware, infrastructure, security, applications, and compliance.

Ayana specializes in web and design services, content management, client and campaign management, and social media strategy.

Our team members have years of hands-on training across a vast variety of IT systems.  Our goal is to reduce complexity and minimize cost while accelerating your go-to market time, with business solutions.

Our Philosphy

Ayana was founded on the premise that we can provide faster execution and a more holistic approach to solutions for our clients, by leveraging the great synergy from the varied backgrounds of our team.  No project is too big or too small for our team.  We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients.  We partner with your in-house experts and third party vendors (as needed) to find a suitable solution with long-lasting effects.  We offer services in all phases of IT and combine that with a knowledge of business processes in a variety of fields.

  1. Project Management and Integrations
  2. Infrastructure Assessment and Planning
  3. Security Audits and Policy Development
  4. Business Requirements Analysis
  5. Data Mapping and Integrations
  6. End-User Training
  7. Website and Social Media Development
  8. Migrations and Web Hosting Solutions
  9. Applications Development
  10. Graphic Design Services and Concepts


Connect With Us

Ayana Technical Services

1733 Park St.  Suite 255

Naperville, IL 60563



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