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Solution Architects

Our team of solutions architects have over 40 years of combined 'hands-on' technical experience in the IT roles of system analyst, business analyst, data analyst, end-user training, process adoption specialist, and program management.

They have managed and delivered cross-functional IT initiatives (SDLC) for high-end budgets with enterprise wide deployments.

Our team has led large-scale, global projects in ERM, CRM, and ERP applications in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and a variety of other industries.

They have extensive experience in configuring vendor application software on complex platforms aligned to end-user process needs.

Our solution architects have a combined experience of over 30 years in operations management for client services, and professional service organization, including P&L responsibility.

They have an extensive background in working with C-Level and Fortune 500 software companies.

Our team has excellent oral and written communication skills, with varied experiences in all levels of business SME's.


System Engineers

Our system engineers are primarily responsible for the management of our client systems and project based work.

Our team of engineers are responsible for reports as designated by the client.

They work with the client staff to enhance the client capabilities.

Our engineers work with a multitude of computer systems, ranging from Windows, Linux, and Mac.

They have a diverse range of skill sets that meet the needs of our clients growth and business models.

They have a complex understanding of advanced server platforms such as SQL, Oracle, Exchange, etc.

Our engineers are proficient with Microsoft software such as Office 365, etc.


Network Engineers

Our network engineers are responsible for designing and implementing the client's network infrastructure.

They are involved in the complete LAN and WAN development.

Additional duties include the administration of Switching Technologies including the creation and management of LAN based devices, etc.

They are responsible for working with the client to identify any issues that are in the active working environment and assist with troubleshooting any networking issues that may arise.

Our network engineers use advanced protocols to configure routers in the network.

Additional configuration duties include, the configuration and building of firewalls to accept/reject rules for network traffic, the configuration of Site-To-Site connections between branch office, and building configuring systems to only allow authorized users to access the servers on a network.

Our engineers also monitor the network traffic via network monitoring tools in an attempt to troubleshoot network outages and intrusions by tracing their origin and destination.

Design Team

Our design team members are in charge of maintaining our company and client marketing strategies and implements them through a wide array of custom projects and ideas.

Their role involves listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and working with them to create unique designs for a variety of projects.

They are responsible for developing creative ideas and concepts, by choosing the appropriate media and style to meet our clients needs.

They produce both print-ready and digital designs and concepts that can be used over multiple projects in an entire design brief.

Our designers work with social media to gradually achieve superior customer engagement, website traffic, and revenue by strategically exploiting all aspects of the social media marketing road-map.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google+, Youtube, Tumbler, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Myspace, and others as directed by client needs.

Our team uses a variety of creative software to provide solutions for our clients.

Key Abilities: Web Design, Print Design, Online and Digital Media, Social Media Capability, Logos, Branding, and Marketing Strategies


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