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Social Media Management

Not only do we create unique website concepts, we also offer custom Social Media options to go with them.  We work with you to create and develop a plan that integrates any current social media accounts you have, with new ones we can build for you.  We offering training in management in many forms of Social Media, and put in extra effort and time to learn any media system you are interested in.  We can also assist in setting up advertising on services like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to really get your name out there and help grow your content and online rankings.

We help our clients develop a custom blog, that blends into their branding and can be integrated in their website, or hosted on another source.  Our blog options vary depending on client needs, and hosting ability.

E-Mail Newsletter
We offer a variety of services in building and sending out a newsletter.  We tailor the newsletter options to your needs, and provide you with the best options available to you.

We offer 3 customized plans for managing social media.

  1. Training
    We work with you one-on-one for an agreed upon time-frame.  We will give you the tools to post to your accounts, and utilized your abilities in the best way you can.  We offer tools that are favored by many, and can grow your capabilities.  We will develop both your first blog post and first newsletter as well.  This plan is fully customizable and integrates into our other plans.
  2. You Provide the Content
    For those who have time to write and come up with content, but don't have the spare moments to get them posted online, this is the plan for you.  We will help you by taking away the extra step of posting.  We use our tools to incorporate the content you create, and craft it into a beautiful post that can be shared immediately or scheduled for later.  We also offer a similar service for blogs and newsletters.
    In this plan we will do everything for you.  We offer research from creating content that matches your brand, to searching features, services, functions, etc. that can be utilized to enhance your media.  We also work with any content you write on your end.  We offer suggestions on how often to post, and when to post.  This plan can be integrated with any of our other plans, to create the customized option that suits your needs best.


Connect With Us

Ayana Technical Services

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